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All Euron products are designed to meet the needs of our users and feature some of the best technologies and designs currently available. For example, our unique CottonFeel back sheet provides a more comfortable and discrete product. This combined with excellent absorbencies will help to maintain your confidence and dignity.

We are constantly investing into research and development to improve the level of care we are able to offer you. Modern manufacturing facilities in Europe consistently deliver high quality products whilst operating in a responsible manner to ensure that we have as small an impact as possible on the environment.

Finally, we feel it is important that you are able to understand how your Euron products work and what goes into making them so successful. To help you with this we have created the Euron – Inside a Pad page that features a detailed cross-section of one of our Euron Flex Shaped Pads along with brief explanations of the different layers and technologies found in our products.

Further information, specifications and fitting guides (where applicable) for each of our products can be found on the individual product pages to the left.